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Long Lake serves as an attraction for tourists and an asset to the local economy. The town manager states, "St. Agatha has always been a tourist community.". Three anchor businesses in the local area enhance the tourist economy: Lakeview Restaurant, Long Lake Sporting Club and Long Lake Motor Inn.

Long Lake as seen from Birch Point Golf Course

Partially due to its geographic location, St. Agatha offers a wealth of outdoor activities. The town is located around Long Lake which compliments the tourism industry in St. Agatha. The economic impacts of this great resource (Long Lake) has created a growth in small businesses who cater to eco-tourists and the like.


Long Lake, a 6,000 acre body of water and the deepest of the Fish River Chain of Lakes, is home to year round world class land-locked salmon fishing. Other species include brown trout, brook trout, lake trout and the more recent European appetite for carp fishing. One might see a fisherman using a fly-rod in the spring or trolling equipment during the summer months to catch the sizable 10-15 pound land-locked salmon.

See what we caught on Long Lake

You can experience ice fishing during the winter months by renting an "ice shack" locally. In any case, our local small businesses can equip you for an enjoyable fishing experience.


Long Lake is also home to the many waterfowl species that flock here during the migration seasons from the colorful mallard to the graceful loon. In any case you , you can experience this bird watching sport through the privacy of your own rented cottage.


During the summer months, rent a watercraft for a day out on the lake or during the winter rent a snowmobile from a local merchant and tour St. Agatha and the St. John Valley on the exceptionally well groomed trails we have to offer. Don't forget, we are the "ace in the hole" when it comes to snowmobiling. Mother Nature has a way of lavishing St. Agatha and the St. John Valley with snow when no one else has any. Local snowmobile clubs have the infrastructure it takes to offer the best snowmobiling trails in the eastern United States.


St. Agatha is the hub of the Valley, and for that reason we have what it takes when it comes to the amenities you're seeking during your stay with us. From modern lodging facilities, lake side and in town fueling stations, grocery outlets, shuttle service to dining facility, regional airport, regional shooting range club, sea-plane docking facilities, R.V. camping facilities, fishing and hunting guide services to the finest dining available in Aroostook County & the St. John Valley.

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